Sonnet 17

Vane, young in yeares, but in sage counsell old,
Then whome a better Senatour nere held
The helme of Rome, when gownes not armes repelld
The feirce Epeirot & the African bold,

Whether to settle peace or to unfold [ 5 ]
The drift of hollow states hard to be spelld,
Then to advise how warr may best, upheld,
Move by her two maine nerves, Iron & Gold

In all her equipage; besides to know
Both spirituall powre & civill, what each meanes, [ 10 ]
What severs each, thou 'hast learnt, which few have don

The bounds of either sword to thee wee ow.
Therefore on thy firme hand religion leanes
In peace, and reck'ns thee her eldest son.